Best Practices For Showing Your Home


Keep kitchen counters and storage spaces clutter free. Put away newspapers, magazines, and small trinkets. Limit furniture in the living space and store extra furniture away somewhere else.


Wash the windows to let in better lighting. Clean all surfaces for that extra touch, it will show to buyers that the home has been well cared for.


Get rid of smells by eliminating odors and keeping the windows open during showings. Limit the use of strong air fresheners as some buyers might be sensitive to certain smells.


Brighten up the rooms, by brushing on a fresh coat of neutral colored paint. This will get rid of any minor scuffs and marks and also give a new feel to the living spaces.


Take care of any minor repairs, such as a broken door knob or hole in the wall. These minor repairs when corrected may not show, but will definitely show if not corrected.


Stage the living spaces. Remove extra furniture and leave the main pieces such as a coffee table and couch. Make sure the focal point of each room is the center of attention (ie fireplaces, bay windows, entertainment sets etc).


Make the bathrooms smell fresh and look new. Keep all personal toiletries out of sight and add new curtains, towels, and guest soaps to help buyers envision their own decorations. Keep wash counters dry and dust free.


Make sure all pets are in their crates or not present at the time of the showing. This will allow buyers to view the home with less anxiety and surprises.


Keep the yard neat and clean. Cut the grass, rake the leaves, clean the gutters, and make sure walking paths are free of debris and tripping hazards. Add to the curb appeal with plants or shrubs and update mulch.


Leave the home. Buyers feel more comfortable when sellers are not present. Give at least 5-10 minutes extra before and after a showing in case buyers are running a little early or a little late.

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