Selecting a Real Estate Professional

A real estate professional plays a very important role in the home-buying process and should be selected with care. Before selecting your agent, read available testimonials and interview agents to have a better idea of what each agent is like and what he or she can offer you. The relationship between a real estate professional and a buyer should be one of mutual respect and similar objectives. Relationships should always be relayed in a written agreement or contract.

Additionally, your agent can make suggestions that you may not have considered and also give you practical advice about what you should look for in a home. When it is time to make an offer on the home you wish to purchase, your agent will be there to help.

the ideal real estate professional

  • Has a valid real estate license and certificate
  • Understands your needs and objectives
  • Is professional and dedicated to doing a good job
  • Knows the area where you want to live
  • Knows how much you can spend on a home
  • Has excellent references from other clients
  • Treats you with the respect you deserve


Why do I need to sign an exclusive contract with my agent?

This contract should only be signed by YOU and your agent after you have gone through a professional consultation about what they can offer and should always be one of mutual agreement. Be sure to discuss the costs involved with selecting your agent and make sure these costs are included in your contract. Many brokers charge different rates and fees at closing.The average contract lasts 6 months. That timeframe will give you sufficient time to search for a home, make an offer, and then close. However this timeframe can be negotiated with your agent.


What if I want to work with a different Real Estate agent?

We always recommend talking to the agent you have contracted with first. Discuss the issues you are having, in an open and honest atmosphere. Your agent will be able to better meet your needs when they know what your questions and concerns are. IF, you are still not satisfied with the service, request for a cancellation of the contract before you start working with a new agent. A cancellation is best practice to prevent future complications and mix-ups.