Pricing Your Home

know your market

Pricing your home to sell can be a hard task or a simple one as well. That’s why it’s important to know the market value for homes. Your real estate agent will help pin point the market value of your home. There is no doubt that homes listed at market value always sell. Also, be aware that buyers represented by real estate professionals will be paying attention to the current market value and would know when a house is priced too high. If the house is priced right, it will be sold much faster.

trust your agent

Your real estate agent is here to work for you. Make sure you select an agent you trust and respect. Once you’ve entered into a contract with your selected agent, trust your agent! A good real estate professional will never give practical advice to over price or under price your home. There is simply no win for the agent either way. The best agents will always provide you with the current market value of your home.

make the right home improvements

Maybe those walls could use a little brightening up? The carpet a little outdated? Making these small home improvements won’t necessarily bring the value of a home up, but they will surely benefit buyers’ first and lasting impression of the property and help sell a house much faster.

Other improvements to consider include remodeling the kitchen, finishing the basement, or adding exterior work to the home. Keep in mind, that home improvements should either bring the value of a home up (such as adding an additional bedroom) or help sell the house faster.

disclose property flaws

Wait… wouldn’t I be scaring off potential buyers by disclosing my property flaws? Not exactly. Most buyers are willing to make repairs if they are reasonable and within budget. Property flaws are not opinion based. They are material facts that need to be disclosed. Therefore, if you’ve  always thought your dining room was awkwardly shaped or a little too small– you can keep that to yourself. However, if your basement is known to flood every once in a while or perhaps the walk-in closet has a door-knobbed size hole in the wall (for whatever reason)– it’s best to disclose these kinds of information. In the long run, you will be saving yourself a lot of trouble, time, and money when buyers know exactly what they are buying, no surprises.